Satsang by Swami Premananda for the Youth

Dear Ones,

God created living beings out of compassion. His creation was based on love. Because of this, love is bonded into the physical frame of all living beings, whether they are aware of it or not. Various species do not normally show love to creatures of other species but they do show it to those of the same kind. All living beings created by God have this capability but only human beings have the maturity to realize love by observing, analyzing, comprehending and experiencing it.

Only humanity has been gifted with the rare ability of doing all kinds of things with love. Humanity can express love in a variety of ways – through good conduct, through duty, through righteousness and through service.

Today, even though well educated, many young people spend their time thinking only about themselves. If their love affair fails, they hate the world. If their parents scold them or are strict, they reject their affection. Sometimes they feel sorry for themselves and cry. This is a big mistake. If they would start to love the wider world and the human beings in it, they would be ashamed of the small circle that had been their world and would laugh at it.

Young men and women of today’s society, each passing century is determined by young people like you. Although your elders may have experience and give good advice, it is the duty of the youngsters to accept this advice and walk further on the path. Young fragrant flowers of this century, what are your duties? Make good use of every minute and do not just spend your time eating and sleeping. Contemplate on what is a higher goal. Look at those people who are dying of hunger right before your eyes. Don’t beseech God to help them; help them yourself! Learn to serve. Bring yourself to a state of being able to help others. Forget selfishness and acquire a service mentality.

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This is an extract from the new Youth satsang book ‘Serving the World’.