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About Premananda Youth

Premananda Youth is an international group of youngsters and children who are interested in spirituality and service. This organization was started in 1998 by Swami Premananda, a monk who has dedicated his life to helping others and to teach Sanatana Dharma, which means the eternal and universal codes of life.

Swami Premananda was a spiritual Master from Sri Lanka. His entire life is a perfect example of selfless service to humanity. He was the founder of Sri Premananda Ashram (a spiritual place where we learn to follow the spiritual path), a home for needy children, Premananda High School and many other great projects. He had many extraordinary powers which he used to help people with their different problems. ‘Prema’ means divine love and ‘ananda’ the highest joy. His teachings are universal truths and values.

He always emphasized the importance of giving selfless service to others. That’s why he started the Premananda Youth to give youngsters all over the world the opportunity to serve and to develop spiritually. Today’s world is too full of information, too full of entertainment and also full of traps, so it is sometimes easy to go the wrong way or do useless and harmful things. In Premananda Youth we can understand what is really important for us in our life and we can do something beautiful and good – for others and for ourselves.

Premananda Youth has Youth Groups in different countries. Every Youth Group has a Youth Coordinator to manage all activities, to motivate youngsters and to help them in any possible way. There are also contact people who send information about Youth activities and
other important things regarding Premananda Youth.

Premananda Youth is a very good place to:

– Learn how to live with universal values such as kindness, respect, courage, understanding, patience, truthfulness, love and unity (according to Sanatana Dharma)
– Meet many youngsters from all over the world, exchange ideas, play and have fun, and forge spiritual friendships all in a pure and kind environment
– Do something good for others and have an impact on the world in many ways both big and small
– Help young people to see good things in their lives, solve problems in
a proper way
– Learn ancient spiritual practices such as singing devotional songs, performing traditional, meaningful rituals, holding satsangs (spiritual discussions about important topics) as well as practising meditation and yoga
– Learn many new valuable skills, organizing activities and workshops
– Be creative and gain faith in yourself; express your unique talents
– And much more 🙂