Establish the light of knowledge within

By Sivakumaran & Lakshmi (Centre Coordinators in Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Our humble salutations to all Premananda Youth,

All Premananda Youth are very very fortunate to have a great Satguru like Swami Premanandaji, to guide them perfectly on the spiritual path, and also to be successful on the material path.

Swamiji has given a beautiful symbol for the Youth, the Vel. It is not only a symbol but Swamiji has installed a very valuable Vel, within every individual Premananda Youth so that they can destroy all the evil forces within, and in all beings in this universe, and establish Sanatana Dharma.

Vel is the symbol of knowledge. This Vel or the true knowledge which Swamiji has given is very sharp, very wide and very deep.

The Vel that Swamiji has installed in every Premananda Youth is the same Vel that the divine Mother, installed in Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga utilized his Vel, not to destroy the evil force of Surapadma, but he transformed the evil force into a beautiful peacock and a cock. He made the peacock as his vehicle, and the cock as an emblem on his flag of victory.

Every Premananda Youth has to first destroy the ignorance within himself with the help of this Vel, which Swamiji has installed within. To destroy this ignorance, every Premananda Youth must put in at least 10% of the effort, and Swamiji will establish 100% of the knowledge by his grace. You will have to be sincere and devoted in your effort. Once the light of knowledge is established gradually, the darkness of ignorance will vanish. To establish the light of knowledge within, all Premananda Youth will have to follow the teachings and guidance given by our beloved Guruji, Swami Premananda.

Once the light of true knowledge is established, every Premananda Youth will be the embodiment of love, truthfulness, purity, devotion and wisdom. You will become a living example to every other Youth and you will be an inspiration to guide them on the path of Sanatana Dharma.

Every Premananda Youth established in this light of knowledge will spontaneously attract other young people eager to follow Swamiji’s teachings with love and devotion to establish truth, purity and wisdom on this Earth.

Jai Prema Shanti!
Vel! Vel! Youth Vel!

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